The Marine Documentary Series is created & produced by the Marine Film Society. For our screenings, we also collaborate with the Marine Library Association.  Screenings often occur on the first Thursday (and sometimes on Tuesdays) of each month between September and February, and start at 7PM with light refreshments and Director Q/A following the film.

2024-2025 SCREENINGS

November 7th, 2024: TBA

2023-2024 SCREENINGS

December 7th: “40 Below: The Toughest Race in the World”  Directed by Marius Anderson and Produced by Melody Gilbert

February 1st, 2024 “Holy Frit” Directed by Justin Monroe.

March 7th, 2024 Oscar Nominated Short Documentary Films

2022-2023 SCREENINGS

December 6th: HALLELUJAH: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song.  Directed by Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine

February 2nd, 2023 Mission: JOY.  Directed by Louie Psihoyos and Peggy Callahan (co-director)

March 2nd, 2023 Oscar Nominated Short Documentary Films

2021-2022 SCREENINGS

September 23rd: Hunger Ward by Michael Scheuerman and Skye Fitzgerald This screening will occur in Burris Park.

October 7th: The COOP Wars by Deacon Warner (indoors at Marine Village Hall)

November 4th: “Say His Name” by Cy Dodson (RSVP limited to 50)

December 2nd: “Breaking Trail” by Jesse Roesler (RSVP limited to 50)

January 6th: cancelled due to COVID

February 3rd: cancelled due to COVID

June 2nd: “Conducting Life” by Diane Moore

2020-2021 SCREENINGS

(All screenings were cancelled due to COVID)


2019-2020 SCREENINGS

October 3rd: Love Them First by Lindsey Seavert & Ben Garvin

November 7th: Career Retrospective films by Gayle Knutson

December 5th: Decoding the Driftless by George Howe and Tim Jacobsen

January 2nd: THE INTERPRETERS Directed by Sofian Khan, Andres Cabalerro.  Produced by Mark Steele

February 6th: The Biggest Little Farm Directed by John Chester

2018-2019 SCREENINGS

October 4th: Risking Light by Dawn Mikkelson

November 1st: Silicon Soul by Melody Gilbert

December 6th: Time for Ilhan by Nora Shapiro

January 3rd: Beneath the Ink, The Ragman, My Last Breath by Cy Dodson

February 7th: Science Fair by Darren Foster and Cristina Costantini

2017-2018 SCREENINGS

October 5th: “I Do” by Joe Brandmeier

November 2nd: “Church of Felons” by Jordan Mederich

December 1st: Jacob Wetterling Documentary in-progress screening by Chris Newberry & Norah Shapiro

January 4th: Alive & Kickin’ by Susan Glatzer

February 1st: “Most Likely To Succeed” by Greg Whiteley

2016-2017 SCREENINGS

November: “Nuts” by Penny Lane

December: “Lo & Behold: Reveries of the Connected World” by Werner Herzog

2015-2016 SCREENINGS

October 1st: “The Dinkytown Uprising” by Al Milgrom

November 5th: “Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile” by Norah Shapiro

December 3rd: “Sharkey” and “Sermon of the Serpent” by Mark Brown

January 7th: “American Heart” by Chris Newberry

February 4th: “Finder’s Keepers” by Bryan Carberry and Clay Tweel, preceded by “Marine Mill Stream”

March 3rd, “The Legend of Swee’ Pea” By Benjamin Mays

2014-2015 SCREENINGS

October: “Wild Bill’s Run” by Mike Scholtz

November: “Beyond the Divide” by Jan Selby

December: “Not Done Loving” by Jeff Brandt

January: “The Starfish Throwers” by Jesse Roesler

February: “Girl From Birch Creek” by Emily Haddad

March: Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts


Gayle Knutson is a regional Emmy-winning filmmaker winning over 30 awards worldwide for her indie films.  Her work is in permanent film collections at the Library of Congress, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Minnesota History Center.

Paul Creager is a documentary filmmaker, multi-media artist and Fulbright Scholar educator/researcher whose work has been broadcast internationally on the BBC, and locally on Twin Cities Public Television.  Paul has produced the Square Lake Film & Music Festival for the last 18 years, Lumberjack Days and other events at Gordon Parks Alternative High School in St. Paul where he is the curriculum & media arts coordinator.



SPECIAL THANKS The Marine Film Society also thanks the City of Marine for use of the Marine Village Hall; the Marine Library Association for contributing financial support during the first few years of the event; Sue Knapp for graphic design; and the many community members who continue to make the series a success.